About Us

St. Mary’s Montessori School started on 20th January 1992, which was inaugurated by Shri Hokishe Sema, former Chief Minister of Nagaland and former Governor of Himachal Pradesh in presence of distinguished guests. The school started with just 16 students, 3 teachers and 1 aya and at present we have 2000 plus students with 90 teachers, 22 ayas and 16 office staff, totaling to 128 staff.

This school christened as St. Mary’s Montessori School to keep it synonymous with the spirit of the people, as Nagaland being a Christian State and at the same time to invoke the blessings of Mother Mary.

We started this school with an aim to impart the best education with extracurricular activities, which includes sports, educational activity, chess, painting, Library etc., and updated with changes every year. This temple of education was founded to give the best education and create all round development to children, all activities are compulsory till cl-II to give enough time to develop their inner talents.

Every year, we put our innovative ideas to give something new to the school to nurture positive energy amongst the children. We have children from 2 ½ years onwards and we try to keep these children’s interest in the school, so that, their base becomes strong and in future they become an ideal and satisfied person and develop all round personality. Our vision and outlook to build up this institute as an exemplary one will definitely become true one day. As far as Montessori Education is concerned, we were the only school providing true Montessori System along with regular school from cl-III onwards.

Since our school is upgraded, we have changed the name of the school as higher sections has been christened as St. Mary’s Higher Sec. School. For the higher classes, we stress on all-round development, with the best facilities which can be provided to the children, qualified and experienced faculty members to teach the higher classes to bring the best result for the school.

We have upgraded this school upto Higher Secondary level. Mrs. Neena Dutta (Principal) Mr. Proneet Dutta (Vice Principal) & Pratik Dutta (Administrator) are the heads of the Institutions and try to inculcate and develop the thoughts and visions that were laid down by the Late. Administrator Mr. Pradip Kumar Dutta . Moreover, they personally watch each and every aspect and keep a keen eye on all-round development of the children for the betterment of the school. Accordingly, we hold quiz, debate, drawing, essay writing, embroidery, paper cutting etc. competitions amongst the children to develop their all round protential.

Every year, we also organize ‘Educational Projects Exhibition’ which is a unique one with the display of many projects and this has earned a lot of praise from the parents and spectators. We organize ‘PARENTS DAY’ every year and all the children participate in different items. The selection of the programme, dress designs, item selection, stage decoration etc. is widely praised by one and all and is entirely organized from members and students of the School itself without any outside help.

We have the proud privilege to mention here that our school is the only school in the State, where all the important festivals are beings celebrated by the students, irrespective of caste, creed or religion and participation in such activities are compulsory for all the students upto class-IV. This school also provides special classes for Bible, Higher Hindi and Bengali for students of different communities.

This school has introduced a unique platform for emotional integration among the students through music. Under this system, we interchange the traditional songs or dance, recitals of particular ethnic group to another group to enrich their musical talents and at the same time to forge stronger fraternity. Such groups achieved wide acclaims presenting songs and dance recitals at different stages outside the school premises.

To keep the serenity of the school and to make it free from the disharmony and chaos of the main thoroughfare, the school is built up on the extreme corner of the spacious Latika Complex. We have also a rare opportunity to utilize all our important functions in the well-equipped Latika Cinema Auditorium, which falls within our campus. The first Cinema Hall of Nagaland now used for school purpose, given by our Advisor Late S.K.Dutta (Kaloo Dutta).

We also have wide computer network, where the Principal/Administrator can monitor the ongoings of the classes through close circuit monitor, besides, imparting computer education through well-trained instructors.

Our school also has a playground and an amusement park to give an opportunity to the students to enjoy at leisure. We have two high powered generators to utilize during power failure.

This school also screens video cassettes, projecting the varied facets of educational system, based on Montessori method. The school also has the facility of school Buses which drop children across various parts of the city.

In short, the aim of the school is to provide recreational education. We provide physical education, music, language, numbers, drama, art and handicraft in the school, to promote and develop reading habits and hobbies, so that in future, the pupils will use their spare time in some useful activities that would provide social stability.