Admission & fees

  1. Prospectus & Registration forms are available on payment from the school reception by showing the proof of the child’s age and three passport photos between 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Date will be intimated through notice.

  2. The criterion for selection will be based on merit from among the eligible candidates as appearing for admission test & interviews (as per availability of seat).

  3. A Transfer Certificate with C.R. book is necessary in case of admission from Class – 1 onwards and only a T.C. for students from Nursery to UKG in case they are joining from another School. Students from other states must submit a Transfer certificate countersigned by the District Inspector of Schools.

  4. Any information deliberately supported or found to be incorrect may ultimately lead to cancellation of admission.

  5. Admission procedures are conducted by the Principal & Administrator.

  6. No recommendation by a third party shall be entertained.

  7. Registration fee is not refundable at any point.

  8. After the admission test and interview, the names of the selected students will be displayed on the School notice board and School website.

  9. Failure to comply with admission requirement / procedures with the stipulated dates will automatically cancel the eligibility for admission of the candidate.

  10. The decision of the Principal shall be final & binding as far as admissions are concerned, and matters related thereof.

  11. The age requirements for the admission :- Pre-Nursery (2 Yrs+), Nursery (3 Yrs+)

  12. The date of birth of the child must be supported by Municipal/Panchayat/Hospital Certificate and should be attached along with the registration form. Affidavits or any other documents in lieu of the above are not acceptable. A photocopy of the birth certificate should also be enclosed. The school office will return the original birth certificate after certification.

  13. Your ward has to report in complete School Uniform along with books and stationery as prescribed by School. (Uniform*1, Book and Stationery are available in the school)

  14. Two stamp size photograph of the students for identity card required.

  15. Without T.C. Admission will be only PROVISIONAL.

  16. When the child reaches class – 7(seven) the parents must check their date of birth, spelling of names & all other details. Once the child reaches class – 8, and details of the child is forwarded to the NBSE, no change will be done.

  17. No changes for details in the CR book will be entertained once the CR book is made in the 1st standard, so parents should be very careful when they are making the CR book for the 1st time.

*1 Materials for Formal uniforms are available in Binod Fancy Stores and the stitching of the materials is to be done from Ansari Tailors, further details for address etc. will be provided in the School Circular.